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Our session will be more pleasurable if you read this etiquette page & other parts of my website

It is here that I present to you a few simple suggestion to make your date with me Goddess Candy Lisious in Cleveland possible, easy to schedule, all it can be and more. In order to enjoy spending time with any companion. You need to learn how to discuss our services correctly. While some of you reading this might be well versed in chatting with escort in Cleveland this list is more for the novice client who has little or no clue on how to go about it. It can also be considered a helpful guide for those up and coming escorts who need a few guide lines to get started. As such, there are a few things we all need to understand. so lets get started....

!. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! Never talk about sex acts for a fee or a rate escorts are not prostitutes. The only people who attempt to associate sex with a fee when communicating with an escort either work for a government agency or the Police department. Making this fee/act association will end a conversation with me Immediately! And once again everyone loses. DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT MY RATES WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM ON MY WEBSITE. Asking this question makes yourself look stupid and lazy since you didn't take the time to view my rates before contacting me. 

2. when first contacting me. usually via email or text or other means, be sure to supply as much information as possible,  doing so will make the booking process easier. so lets get started on the right foot, Age , race name are the first things I need to know. Like you safety is my number one priority. Something to avoId is sending an email with lewd crude wishes and wants. these usually get ignored and it Halts communication.

3. NEVER make escourts ask for money! They are providing a service after all. Never ever mention the money  when setting it down and please place it in plain site and please do not put it in an envelope. THATS A HUGE NO NO 

4. DO NOT treat me like an item/object. I am a human being just like you and have feelings. Treat me as you would have someone treat you and you are likely to make a life long friend and have a hell of alot more fun. 

5. Please arrive freshly showered if your not able to shower before hand I welcome you to use mine. Nothing turns me on more then a man who just stepped out of the shower.

 6.  Lastly, a nice gesture would be to leave a tip, even if it's a minor amount. I like to be told that you enjoyed your time with me and this gesture, even if its just 10.00, or a nice gift or gift card makes a world of difference.

Well there you have it. I promise if you follow these simple suggestions you will never have a problem contacting me. or setting up an appointment, having a great first meeting or enjoying your new found friend. The memories which can be generated by your success in following these suggestions are golden. Do your self a favor and play nice.

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